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About Modern Languages

Modern Languages is one of the leading language service providers in Canada, leading through expertise and technological innovation.

Modern Languages

Proudly delivers a fast and flexible customization service for all our clients

As a leader in the North American language services industry, Modern Languages stays current with emerging trends, while leveraging the latest technological advances in the industry. Owing to our corporate culture steeped in innovation and the pursuit of excellence, Modern Languages has come to increasingly stand out as a North American leader in language services.

Why choose Modern Languages?


The quality of our services is what makes Modern Languages stand out from its competitors – you can always trust the accuracy & quality of the services we provide.


Our many years of experience have allowed us to build an elite team of linguists with expert know-how across a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves on our language professionals’ consistently superior delivery.

Added value

We price all of our services competitively, providing cost-effective solutions with on-going post-delivery consultancy & 24/7 customer support.

Fastest turn-around

At Modern Languages, we realize it is critical for our organization to receive prompt service. We are one of few language services companies that offer guaranteed turnaround on all of our standard products. (Same-day guaranteed delivery is also available for some products.) “Always on time” is but a part of our commitment to you!


We constantly strive to remain at the forefront of the language services industry as related to the latest products and services as well as technology. Modern Languages invests in its own R&D, developing new technologies & integrated cost-saving solutions which will put your business ahead of the competition.


We pride ourselves on our guarantee of strict confidentiality. All our linguists are bound contractually by Non-Disclosure Agreements and Modern Languages will readily enter one such agreement with your organization before the start of business.


We always stay ahead of the curve on the latest trends in the language services industry, up-grading to the constantly evolving technological standards.

Global presence

Thanks to a North America wide network of over 5,000 linguists and affiliates in Europe & Asia, Modern Languages is there to offer you top local expertise.


We have a tradition of thinking of ourselves as your trusted partners in business. You may rest assured knowing your business is in capable hands, thanks to our subject matter expertise, problem-solving capabilities & cross-industry experience.

Meet Our Winning Team

Look at our stellar global team


Axel Van Goud

A graduate of Germanic Studies & Translation, Axel is the most highly experienced multi-lingual professional in North America, with a unique skill set and extensive body of experience in 22 world languages.

Axel holds official accreditation in 18 languages from such professional bodies as Language Testing International (OPI/ACTFL/DLPT), Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration (ILSAT/CILISAT), the Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB), Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG).

A many-time expert witness on languages for the Ministry of the Attorney General, Axel has also served as Language Proctor for several governmental organizations and designed standardized language proficiency tests in use today.

Asia & Pacific

Terrence Xingtao Zhu

A technical whiz, our Asia Pacific partner has worked with Modern Languages’ founders since the early 2000’s to deliver excellence to translation, graphic design and project management. Leveraging unique expertise in several fields of competence, Xingtao is also responsible for business development in East Asia and the Pacific region.


Quebec and North America

Albertine Bissonnette

A native Quebecer, Albertine is a technical writer and translator. As Modern Language’s North America liaison, she is responsible for project management and business development in the Americas.

Europe & the Middle East

Henriëtte Wouters

Hailing from Limburg, in Belgium Henriette has first-hand experience with neighbouring Germany & the Netherlands as well. Aside from German translator, she is also responsible for project management and business development in Europe & the Middle East.

Our Clients

An expanding list of brands trusts Modern Languages with their vital international presence. Partner with us to gain global market share!

Supported Languages

Modern Languages provides expert translation and interpreting services in over 300 world languages. Some key languages we support include Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania …and many more. If you don’t see the language you need on this list, please contact one of our customer service representatives directly at or 1-647-472-7329.